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Hada, wife Xinna and son
Hada with wife Xinna and son in the reception room of the prison.
Hada, a teacher, ran a small bookstore and authored a truthful history of Southern (Inner) Mongolia that did not agree with the ruling Chinese Communist Party version.

In 1995, he was arrested and interrogated until his trial in December 1996. At his trial he was sentenced to 15 years for subversion. His bookstore was closed and his wife, Xinna, was left destitute to raise their teenage son.

Hada remains in police custody - even after finishing his 15-year prison sentence in December 2010.

The Coalition to Free Hada Now! believes that the charges against Hada would not have been recognized in any free country in the world and his continued detention, along with his wife Xinna and son Uiles are a violation of the UN Convention on Human Rights. Hada should be released immediately!

Your taxable donation will be used to help Hada's family and bring justice for Hada.